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Any really good recipes out there, I am making it for the first time tomorrow. I have found several recipes (one from Roma Gourmet), but I was thinking I want to do a red and white sauce on the pasta.

Any advice greatly appreciated! I want to make the one with meat, which I find is called both Mannicotti and Canneloni!

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My understanding is that manicotti is [usually] filled with cheese and sometimes spinach under a red sauce with mozzarella on top; canneloni is filled with meats/veg/cheeses and covered with a white sauce.

There's another interesting discussion about it here, saying that manicotti isn't an italian name at all, and that all filled-tube-pasta dishes should be called canneloni. However there is another name if your dish is actually filled crepes, which would be called "crespelle."

Confusing! :)

I think we need some real italians to straighten this out!


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