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I ate at a local Indian Restaurant and they had chunks of something in what I believe is a red curry sauce, they were cubes of something, not tofu and not chicken. It is driving me crazy as I cannot figure out what those cubes were?

Anyone have any ideas?

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Were they puffy? What was the texture like?
It was almost like chicken cubes, but it was not chicken, I thought maybe really firm tofu?
You can actually press tofu to make it VERY firm. Other cuisines deep-fry firm tofu and it puffs up beautifully--both would be perfect in a curry.

Tofu is pressed between coffee filters (or other similar thing--cheesecloth could be used, etc.) and weighted by a plate. It drains overnight to make a nice, firm block. Very much like cheese, really.
That makes sense, I was thinking it may be some kind of cheese, it had that consistency, but I wondered why it wasn't melting, I bet that it was tofu! Thanks
Now that I think of it, it could also have been paneer cheese--it doesn't melt and is often used in Indian cooking. So we've narrowed it down to either (a) firm tofu or (b) paneer.

You should call the restaurant and ask. Now I'm dying to know! :)
It can't be anything other than Paneer (cottage cheese). We Indians use it in many curries. Half of the restaurant curries have it . Paneer is normally harder than Tofu and tastes much better than tofu. We use it raw , roasted or sometimes deep fried. Most probably , what they serve in Indian restaurants are deep fried. They make paneer , and then deep fry it in oil , and then they add it to any curry, this makes it even more testier in any curry. Although I choose to roast it.

Check it here about how to make it @ home . -

Other curries recipe with Paneer in it -

Hope this will help to clear your confusions :).
I have some Red Curry and Green Curry paste in my cupboard that I bought on a whim thinking I might use it. I would really appreciate some simple recipes to try with either of these ingredients. I haven't ventured into any Indian or Thai cooking, but I would love to. Thanks for sharing any advice or recipes!
Yep you are correct, thanks so much. The restaurant was closed yesterday so i had to wait until today to call. does Paneer taste good by itself, I am much of a cheese freak?
Lisa ,
I normally make such curry paste at home as a part of any curry .
I suggest try - OR .
use red curry paste in place where I have used tomatoes and onion.
If you would like try any other recipe from my food blog , and have confusion then do let me know.


You are most welcome :).
Yupe , Paneer itself tastes good. Much much better than tofu in taste. I personally don't like tofu at all, but I love paneer. If u love cheese most probably you will love Paneer too.



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