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There are so many tasty options that can help you stay healthy. If you do not believe me, check out the list below. I’m sure you would have eaten some of these items and wouldn’t mind trying the other options listed below.



We do love it and mix it with a variety of food options. However, not many people know that beans are a rich source of protein. Having beans would mean that you will be consuming food that is high in fiber. At the same time, it is slow to digest and because of this very reason, you will feel that you have a full tummy and will restrict yourself from overeating.

Beans are inexpensive and tasty. If you have never tried it, try it today.



There are people who start their meal with soup, and so, they often enjoy their meals and feel their tummy is full without eating too much. That is not all. It is healthy too if you manage to skip cream and butter in bigger quantities.


Dark chocolate

If you love chocolate, let it be dark chocolate the next time you pick one.



We all know that eggs are a rich source of protein, and you are bound to enjoy a happy meal time if eggs are added to your routine. It keeps you full and is extremely healthy. So, add eggs in your routine. At the same time, it is a good idea to opt for something like sausages that can give you a similar effect and keep you healthy.



An apple a day can keep the doctor away.

There are a number of benefits of apples, and you should make an effort to eat apples. Eat them and don’t simply drink apple juice. Munching on the apple is important and gives you the benefits of having an apple. So, get some apples and eat them. Don’t grind and drink them.



Although having them in large quantities is not advised, you should still make an effort to have a handful of peanuts,  almonds, or walnuts. It will not only help you stay away from large meals, but are even healthy. So, make sure that you have them at regular intervals.



Well, there is no real need to explain you the benefits of yogurt because most of us know it. So, get some and enjoy your meal with yogurt.


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